An employee uses the cloud for a construction company.

What DOESN’T the Cloud Do for Construction Companies?

A recent report found that 87% of the construction industry feels open to using cloud technology. But for some reason, the construction industry is the slowest to adopt digitization, despite being a project-centric workplace that truly depends on collaboration to get work done. When you truly think about it… The cloud almost seems MADE for construction companies. Why? Because it allows you to keep your job sites connected, collaborate on blueprints or BIMs from various locations, and ultimately, eliminate project delays that end up costing you a ton of money and impacting your reputation.

The Construction Industry is Mobile, Yet They’re Slow to Embrace Cloud Technologies for Anytime, Anywhere Access…

The fact is, the construction industry is mobile. It’s always been mobile. Now, the cloud helps construction companies embrace that mobility with anytime, anywhere access to their data. Whether you’re working on-site or in the office, the cloud lets you get rid of your costly on-premises infrastructure while still having on-demand access to cloud-based equipment. Workers are able to complete projects within the proposed schedule and budget because they have access to the information they need to succeed.

In a Competitive Environment, Construction Companies That DO Embrace Cloud Computing Will Rise Above the Rest…

Rather than storing your applications and data on your hard drive, you’re able to access them via the Internet. This eliminates the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and supporting on-premises equipment while giving you the accessibility you need. You enjoy a “pay-as-you-go” model that’s more cost-efficient with fewer hardware limitations that keep you from leveraging the latest technologies. Here’s a few of the primary benefits of the cloud for construction companies:

  1. Greater advantage over the competition: Construction is a competitive realm - and with so many companies slow to adopt cloud technologies, you’ll be on the forefront of innovation.
  2. More powerful data processing: The cloud makes it incredibly simple to process data at a rapid rate, which means you’re able to make more informed decisions based on powerful insights.
  3. Greater data storage capability: All of your blueprints, BIMs, and other information can be stored safely without running out of capacity or worrying about losing data because it’s always secure and unlimited.
  4. More connected jobsites: Contractors working on projects can stay in touch with one another, as well as the main office, while they send, receive, and edit documents in real-time to complete projects fast.
  5. Fewer expenses associated with technology: Although any technology adoption can seem costly, the cloud is bound to leave you with fewer expenses in the long-run as there’s no need to purchase, maintain, and troubleshoot equipment.

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