What Can IT Consulting and Project Management Services Do for My Business?

When a business is considering a change of location or business expansion, there is more to factor into the decision-making process than simply the moving of office furniture. A business’ technology requirements change dramatically with a move or building project, and a partnership with a Managed IT Services provider for strategic IT consulting can help businesses to avoid common problems to help maintain a seamless transition.

That’s just one example of a scenario where having an executive-level IT consultant on your side can save you time, money, and frustration. There are hundreds of scenarios of equal significance in which a high-level IT consultant or a project manager (vCIO) would be of benefit to your organization.

Micro Visions applies our focus to providing our valued customers with an effective means to obtain knowledgeable and impartial perspectives. We provide consulting services with the following in mind:

  • Proposing effective solutions to meet unique business requirements
  • Providing a technology advocate to maintain your best interest when dealing with third-party technology vendors
  • Eliminating avoidable technology expenses resulting from improper implementation or management
  • Achieving your desired objectives for your technology

Four Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Strategic IT Consulting

  • Honest assessments about the efficacy of a company’s IT environment
  • Thorough planning to reduce wasted resources and improve workflow
  • Targeted expenditures for technology acquisitions to reduce overspending
  • Streamlined IT environments to maximize space and simplify work processes

What Can I Expect from IT Consulting from Micro Visions?

IT Consulting from Micro Visions is typically structured in the following manner:

  • The initial meeting

We meet with the key players in each company to encourage open communication and the building of strong relationships.

  • The determining of goals and priorities

Each company has a unique set of objectives they hope to accomplish. During this phase, we take the time to listen carefully to our clients to help us determine their priorities and how we can help them to meet their operational outcomes.

  • The identification of activities and tasks

Once we are armed with a thorough understanding of what the client wants, we can then craft a road map to take them there. This strategic planning process includes the determination of what tasks are necessary as well as what tools must be required to meet objectives.

  • The documentation of assumptions

The team of IT professionals at Micro Visions believes that projects proceed most effectively when all parties understand expectations clearly. To this end, we document all assumptions to provide a baseline for both parties in the working relationship. This list is updated frequently as projects change and needs emerge.

  • The establishment of deliverables

There is nothing worse than to be kept guessing when something needs to be done. That’s why the team of Micro Visions establishes a list of products and services they will deliver to provide our valued clients with the peace of mind that their objectives have been fully understood and the work is in progress.

What is Included in a Proposal from Micro Visions?

When the professional IT consultants at Micro Visions craft a proposal for our clients, we are extremely thorough to ensure we give adequate consideration to each of our customers’ very specific needs.

Among the items we cover are:

  • Recommendations for infrastructure, hardware, software, applications, services, and programs
  • Assessments of the following areas: technology, IT staff skills and requirements, security, HIPAA, software licensing
  • IT strategic planning and budgeting
  • Price negotiation and contract reviews
  • Disaster recovery assessments, planning, and implementation
  • Assistance in hiring or managing IT staff
  • Telecommunications evaluations and strategy including local and long-distance phone service, phone systems (traditional and VoIP), Internet and WAN connectivity
  • Evaluation of externally hosted applications versus in-house services
  • Request for proposal (RFP) creation and project management
  • Comparison of quotes from vendors
  • IT SWOT analyses
  • CTO and CIO services
  • Project management

Can Micro Visions Help Me Manage My Company’s Projects?

The Micro Visions team provides vCIOs and supplementary personnel that understand how easy it is for in-house employees to become bogged down with routine IT care, preventing them from devoting their focus to long-term, pro-growth business projects. Micro Visions offers businesses an extra set of hands by managing pressing IT demands to free up a company’s employees to dedicate themselves to important tasks.

We make it our business to provide supplemental assistance to in-house technology staff to allow them to realize projects on schedule and well within the allotted budget. We can assist with all elements of project management, including design work, planning, execution, monitoring, or management.

Among the project management services we offer our customers are:

  • Efficient project development and realistic timelines
  • Seamless collaboration with satellite offices and remote workers
  • Diverse skill and knowledge set from a highly qualified team of IT professionals
  • Easy scalability of services to reduce overspending and wasted resources

What Can I Expect from Project Management Services from Micro Visions?

  • Project scope management including quality management, risk mitigation, and human resources management
  • Hardware installations encompassing computers, servers network devices as well as security upgrades
  • Overseeing the planning, execution, and rollout of complex software development projects
  • Firmware upgrades and software integration
  • Website construction and database storage and management
  • Cloud and virtual computing planning, rollout, integration, and management
  • Business analytics and data management