Where Can I Find an IT Support Team to Help Keep My Data Protected Against Loss?

As wonderful as technology is, it sometimes fails. Since most IT assets are powered by electricity, power outages and other natural disasters affecting the power supply can cause more than lost productivity. They can also lead to data loss, which can cripple business processes at best and lead to serious breaches of sensitive information and compliance violation fines at worst. With the stakes so high, no business can afford to be left unprotected.

Unfortunately, it’s not just storms, floods, and power outages that businesses have to be concerned about. More often, human error and criminal activity, including ransomware and viruses, are to blame for the loss of access to mission-critical data.

Micro Visions’ Information Technology Crisis Resolution and Prevention Services are designed to react to immediate problems and avoid future issues. Even when IT systems appear to be working correctly, they may have vulnerabilities open for exploitation. Some of the disaster recovery services and projects we perform for our clients are:

  • Creation of IT-related documentation and procedures
  • Computer use policies
  • Security and other assessments
  • Intrusion protection
  • Backup strategies
  • Protection and recovery for key applications and systems
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Business continuity planning and implementation
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation
  • Managed services

Six Things Companies Can Expect from Disaster Recovery Services from Micro Visions

  • Resolve and recover from problems quickly
  • Reduce or eliminate the necessity to call or require IT help
  • Protect data and avoid downtime
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Eliminate technology-related problems
  • Avoid the frustrations associated with blame-shifting when technology doesn’t work

Is My Business One Disaster Away from Trouble?

Businesses need a comprehensive disaster recovery plan because, without it, they may fall into the category of companies that have to close as a result of losing critical data.

Our multi-pronged approach ensures redundancy of sensitive data, providing our customers with the peace of mind that their confidential information and proprietary workflow is secure and backed up offsite.

Among the solutions we employ are:

  • Emergency Response Planning provides your entire team with clear and concise policies and procedures to deal with a disruption, so in the event of any issues, your business operations continue smoothly.
  • Regular Testing of Restore Availability to guarantee they are ready to be used, documenting gaps and errors to prevent the possibility of failed backups that keep you from staying operational.
  • Daily Backups of all operating systems, files, and applications are uploaded locally to restore quickly in times of emergency.
  • Cloud Backups ensure you have everything you need to continue working from anywhere when your onsite equipment is damaged.