MVI backupsIn today’s age, data is more valuable than ever. Just like we insure our buildings and our physical assets, we also need to ensure that we are covered in the event of data loss. The costs associated with recovering data, permanently losing data, or data reconstruction can be enormous. Regular backups are an essential form of protection against the significant financial impact of computer downtime and lost data.

With that in mind, does your company have a Data Protection Strategy that includes a Comprehensive Backup Plan? If not, it’s time to build one. Here are the five key factors you should consider as you put together your plan:

1.  What is going to be backed up?

Simply ask yourself, “What information is vital to my company’s operation?” Be sure to think beyond your local computers and servers. Do you need to backup mobile devices or your website?

2.  Where will the data be backed up?

At your main office? Another location? The cloud? Most savvy enterprises choose to store their data in a combination of places, ensuring the information is available to them regardless of the disaster. Just like backups destroyed by a flood or fire, data in the cloud has no value if you don’t have an internet connection.

3.  How often will backups occur?

This will depend on how rapidly your information is changing, and will also determine how often you do full versus incremental backups. (those that collect only changes or additions)

4.  Who is in charge of performing the backups?

If your company needs to rebuild its data, you’ll want to make sure you have the right person on the job!

5.  Who's in charge of monitoring the success of the backups?

The moment of crisis is no time to find out that scheduled backups failed. Someone needs to be monitoring logs and regularly testing your recovery plan.

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