Where Can I Find Responsive IT Support for My Business?

When technology fails, businesses are often forced to cease or greatly restrict operations while they wait for a response to their request for help desk support. Though they faithfully pay their bills, many companies begin to feel like their business sits at the very bottom of a busy repairman’s queue, leaving them feeling taken advantage of and frustrated. No business can afford to watch the hours pass by, knowing they are disappointing their customers, falling behind on production schedules, and losing revenue.

Micro Visions’ Application Support Services provide essential coverage for maintaining crucial software applications that facilitate communication, collaboration, and job functions for employees. In addition to this, we believe that providing answers to end-users for computer-related and software questions and issues is key. The following are examples of the types of technical support services we provide to our valued clients:

  • Installation, upgrades, and support of key software applications such as accounting, job cost, manufacturing, or CRM systems
  • Support for Microsoft Office and hundreds of other unique applications
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support

Our Help Desk Services provide businesses with fast, professional IT care at an affordable, flat-rate monthly cost. Available on a subscription basis, Micro Visions’ services require no minimum commitment, allowing businesses the luxury of scaling their IT services to meet the needs of their growing company.

Seven Things Growing Businesses Need from Help Desk Support

  • Quick response times to each call
  • Friendly, professional technicians
  • Qualified IT personnel with the skill to resolve troubling IT issues
  • Remote assistance
  • Executive-level IT consulting for important technology decisions
  • 24/7 access
  • Satisfaction guarantees

What Can I Expect from Help Desk Support from Micro Visions?

  • Rapid response times to each technology question
  • Support for line of business applications and Microsoft Office 365
  • Executive-level IT consulting for technology-related decisions

Help Desk Support from Micro Visions focuses on the provision of real-time solutions to troubling technology problems whenever the help is needed. Our services are available to our valued customers on a 24/7 basis – ensuring that a qualified IT technician is there each time assistance is required. Though we provide help with troubleshooting and resolving IT problems, we also offer our customers access to executive-level IT consulting to assist with future projects and technology-impacted decision making.

How Do I File a Request for Help Desk Support?

Filing a ticket for Help Desk Support from Micro Visions is simple. Our clients can reach us:

Once our staff has a thorough understanding of the problem our client is facing, we are then able to craft the solution to bring the issue to a swift resolution.