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What IT Support Options Does Micro Visions Offer Technology-dependent Companies?

What makes up the right package of IT services in Grand Rapids? The fact of the matter is that the IT support team you choose and the IT services that team offers will have a direct impact on your ability to avoid costly downtime and on your capacity for greater workflow efficiency.

With all that on the line, it’s imperative to find a reliable IT support partner here in Grand Rapids with a lineup of the leading IT services options.

Here are the IT services offered by the technology specialists of Micro Visions.

  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migrations and Support
  • Projects
  • IT Strategic Planning & Consultin

Why Choose Micro Visions to Deliver Continuous and Comprehensive IT Support?

Our people make the difference. We have sought out and hired only the most competent technicians. In our hiring process, the prospective technician’s ability to work with our clients in a friendly, helpful manner is one of our top considerations. When you call or email our office with a question or a troubleshooting concern, you don’t get an out-of-state or offshore call center. Instead, you are connected directly to one of our staff members that are happy to and capable of assisting you.

Managed IT Services

Computers, networks, tablets, and cloud assets all require ongoing maintenance if an organization like yours is going to get the most ROI out of your technology investments. Through our Managed IT Services offering, the Micro Visions IT specialists make sure that your IT assets are secure, optimized, updated, and patched. We accomplish this through a strategy of continuous maintenance combined with ongoing monitoring for operational efficiency and security.

Managed Backups and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your critical data and workflow is central to your company’s ability to continue to do business after a fire, flood, power outage, or cyber attack. Backing up your data and workflow allows you to have a defense against the looming threat of ransomware. Micro Visions ensures your continuous access to these assets through backup protocols that, depending upon your needs, can include on-site backups, cloud-based backups, encrypted backups, and geo-redundant backups.

Cloud Solutions

More Grand Rapids businesses are making use of cloud infrastructure and cloud workflow capabilities each day. Whether you are simply backing up files to the cloud or all of your workflow is cloud-based, it’s important that you have someone on your side that knows how to secure your assets within the cloud while providing easy access to those assets for your employees. Micro Visions helps companies leverage an array of cloud options to help lower IT operational costs and improve cybersecurity posture.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations and Support

Microsoft Office 365 is the gold standard of office productivity platforms. The Micro Visions specialists work with Grand Rapids companies to help them migrate their email and data over to Microsoft Office 365 from other platforms and from older versions of Microsoft Office. Our staff is happy to answer your employees’ questions about how to leverage the array of applications within the Microsoft Office 365 platform for greater daily productivity or to troubleshoot any issues you may be having with Office 365.


The IT projects that your company undertakes as you continue to grow come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are moving, implementing new hardware, expanding your network, or moving resources to the cloud, our specialists are ready to provide IT project management along with the specialized skills needed to achieve your stated goals. Completing projects on time and within budget is key to our ability to maintain positive relationships with our clients.

IT Strategic Planning and Consulting

There is little within the average company’s workflow that isn’t impacted by either the cost or the capability of technology. Each decision an organization’s leadership makes is necessarily informed by those two factors. The Micro Visions executive IT consultants help your organizational leadership make the essential decisions needed for company growth by providing needed data regarding the lifespan, ROI, capacity, and potential of your IT systems. Additionally, we help companies establish a technology roadmap that structures IT purchases and budgeting for the IT assets needed in the next phases of company growth.

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