Security concerns drive 56% of decisions to increase IT spending while 17% of small to mid-size companies refer to a recent cybersecurity incident as the reason to increase their IT budgets. But how can a small or mid-size business in West Michigan afford to hire a Chief Information Security Officer and develop a comprehensive IT strategy that prevents data breaches, data loss, and ransomware attacks?

What Do I Need to Know About Strengthening Our IT Security Posture?

Cybersecurity threats are borderless, and even large corporations fall victim to ransomware attacks and successful hacking attempts. An alarming statistic reveals that only 30% of small to mid-size companies have an IT security expert on their payroll, while 52% of small businesses are delegating IT security responsibilities across their employees. This practice can backfire quite badly and can cause massive damages through the loss of business data, ransomware infections, and even identity theft conducted on penetrated networks.

With close to 50% of all phishing attacks now targeting small businesses, you should not take the implementation of proactive IT security strategy lightly. Firewalls and antivirus suites are no longer adequate protection against hacking as malicious practices evolve by adopting advanced social engineering methods to make phishing attacks work.

Ransomware is becoming more sophisticated, encrypting digital assets stored behind firewalls and avoiding detection by a good number of widespread antivirus suites.

Common Types of Cyber Attacks Reported Worldwide

Train Your Employees and Back Up Your Data as a First Line of Defense

Fighting ever-evolving cyber threats involves multiple methods, but your first defense must be deploying a working backup solution and training your staff members to be aware of the major cyber threats roaming the online space.

Micro Visions can provide you with on-demand, interactive employee cybersecurity-awareness training that covers different scenarios and educates your employees on how to deal with and fight common threats. Another method to test your cyber defenses is to perform simulated phishing attacks on a regular basis to identify weak points and users who need even more training.

You can minimize the risk of phishing attacks through employee training but protecting against ransomware and malware is another thing altogether. There is still no 100% protection against ransomware, and the best defense remains the backup of your data on a daily basis and then storing file copies both off and on-site.

A working data backup and recovery strategy is key to securing business continuity, no matter your core business activity. At the end of the day, losing business-critical data such as customer records, financial statements, or a company database is detrimental to business operations and longevity.

Why Outsource Some of Your IT Security Management Tasks?

  • To give you the time to tackle more important projects
  • To provide you with a team that has the time to stay up-to-date on horizon-level threats
  • To supplement your efforts with a team of varied cybersecurity expertise
  • To maintain cybersecurity within a fixed budget

How Micro Visions Protects Your Data and Prevents Data Loss?

Micro Visions evaluates your business-critical applications and IT infrastructure to draft a viable strategy for data backup and recovery that works specifically for you. We identify weaknesses in your cybersecurity defenses to prevent network penetration in the first place but also educate your employees on how not to fall victim to advanced or targeted phishing attacks.

Automated and secure backups are the best defense against ransomware, and the Micro Visions team takes care of automated data backup implementation, monitoring, and verification. We take care of the tedious backup and verification process, so you can deal with the larger cybersecurity picture.