Is Your Network Set Up and Maintained to Support Internal Processes Well?

Reliability and functionality are key elements of computer network support and depend on a solid foundation.

Micro Visions carefully considers your company’s current and future business goals, budget, environment, timeframes, and resources when optimizing your network infrastructure. We have the skills to assist our valued customers with avoiding downtime, minimizing risks, and ensuring a successful project implementation.

Seven Important Roles Network Engineers Fulfill for Businesses

  • Maintain cost-effective telecommunications
  • Implement the correct virtual platforms and operating systems to support each business’ workflow
  • Provide remote desktop services
  • Fortify security measures
  • Increase mobile connectivity
  • Access to 24/7 help desk support
  • Provide full installation services for new technology acquisitions

What Aspects of My IT Infrastructure Can Benefit from Better Design, Implementation, and Ongoing Support?

  • Network Hardware Devices:

Specification, installation, management, and support for cabling, repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless solutions.

  • Telecommunications/Internet Services:

Selection of the right solution and vendors for external connectivity for phone systems (traditional and VoIP) and data whether connecting to the Internet or linking your headquarters to other locations 500 feet away, in different cities, states, or countries.

  • Network Performance:

Design and configuration of VLANs, implementing quality of service (QOS), performing bandwidth monitoring, and analyzing network traffic.

Can Micro Visions Assist Me with My Hardware and Operating Systems?

You may be in the process of selecting a new line of business application and need assistance specifying and implementing the right hardware and operating system licensing.

Perhaps your current Microsoft Server or Exchange Server versions are outdated and no longer supported, and it’s time to upgrade to a new version.

You may be interested in a cost-effective disaster recovery solution or reducing hardware and power requirements due to your growing number of servers.

Maybe your workforce is becoming increasingly mobile with various devices, but they still need access to the company’s network and applications.

You may want to decrease the cost and system administration for your current desktop computer environment.

Here’s what you need to know about our computer network support services.

  • Server Hardware/Operating Systems:

Complete design, implementation, management and administration for Microsoft Windows Server systems supporting services such as file/print, email, database, web, application, remote desktop services, and clustered systems.

  • Storage Systems:

Provide recommendations and implementation services for storage solutions, including local storage to NAS solutions to SANs to cloud storage or a combination for both working storage and backup solutions.

  • Virtualization & Business Continuity:

Identify client requirements, recommend the appropriate platform and features, install, configure, and provide ongoing management and support. Typical solutions may include VMware products, Citrix XenServer, or Microsoft Hyper-V.

  • Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)/VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure):

Implementation and support of solutions that reduce equipment costs, operating costs, system administration, and user issues; utilize thin client options, and facilitate productivity for the mobile workforce.

What Role Does Micro Visions Take in System Management and Administration?

Once your systems are in place, there are always ongoing support requirements. You may not have the time or expertise on staff to keep up with changes and issues. Micro Visions network support engineers are ready to help.

  • System Administrator Activities:

Maintain users, groups, security permissions, login scripts, group policies, and performing other design and maintenance tasks in Active Directory. Provide administration for all email, database, application, and other servers. Resolve any server-related issues.

  • Patch Management and Distribution:

Implementation of Microsoft WSUS and other applications to automatically keep systems up to date and secure. For a fully-managed solution, see our Securelink Essentials managed services options.

  • Software Licensing Compliance:

Provide audits and recommendations to ensure the most cost-effective purchasing options and to ensure all software is legally licensed.

  • Data Protection:

Define client requirements, recommend, implement, and support backup and other disaster prevention and recovery solutions.

Can Micro Visions Help Strengthen the Security for My Data and Networks?

Are you confident that your network is secure? — Often companies have no idea of their network vulnerabilities.

Do you allow non-complex passwords? — Posting of passwords on sticky notes placed on monitors?

Is your virus, malware, or spam protection a solid solution and up to date?

Are you aware that your wireless router may be open to your neighbors or easily hacked?

Could there be unnecessary open ports on your firewall, inviting hackers into your network?

Micro Visions provides professional computer network support, remote desktop services, and complete security solutions.

  • Virus/Malware/Spam Protection:

Implement and support anti-virus, malware, web content filtering, and spam protection systems.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN):

Design, implementation, and support of single or multi-vendor VPN solutions to connect mobile workers and remote offices.

  • Security Assessments/Audits:

Provide CISSP certified security professional resources to perform security assessments and penetration testing.