secure-passwords-mviNow that hackers have programs that can make up to 8 billion guesses at your password per second, implementing and managing secure passwords is more important than ever. Here’s a quick tip for anyone who’s struggled to create AND REMEMBER strong passwords containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Since each device and application should have it's own distinct password, you've likely long since exhausted all old house number/pet name combos. Rather than resorting to a bunch of random characters that will be difficult to remember, try the sentence method next time.

Simply take a sentence that you can easily remember. If possible, relate it to the application it is protecting. Something like, “All my family photos, stored in 1 easy place!” Then, remove all but the first letter of each word, keeping the numbers and punctuation in place. For instance,

All my family photos, stored in 1 easy place! becomes Amfp,si1ep!


I usually get about 10-15 emails each day. would be Iuga10-15eed.

Voila! You've just created a strong password that doesn't require jotting down in order to remember. Please say you never do that! And please, do not use any passwords used in this article.

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