Do You Have the Data Backup You Need to Protect Your Data and Networks Adequately?

It happens nearly every month. Micro Visions is called by a potential client to address troubling questions surrounding a business’ data loss. Our team of professional technology consultants has uncovered vulnerabilities within the data backups of many businesses. Many of these risk portals were of the severity that sensitive information would have been unrecoverable had data loss occurred. These weaknesses within a data backup system are often the result of poor implementation, inadequate maintenance, or a combination of the two. Sadly, such a data backup solution is really no solution at all.

Businesses who are inadequately prepared for the sad reality of data loss are operating under a false sense of security. Unfortunately, many businesses never realize the need for a better data backup strategy until it is too late. The costs associated with recovering lost data, permanently losing data, data reconstruction, and business interruption are enormous.

The Six Most Common Causes of Data Loss

  • Hardware failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Computer viruses
  • Software corruption
  • Human error

What Can Secure Automated Backup from Micro Visions Do?

Any reliable backup solution requires proper implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and verification. The most popular data backup strategies today are consumer-grade backups that don’t have the robust capabilities needed to protect a business. The Micro Visions team of professional IT consultants will implement a comprehensive data backup solution that suits each business’ key systems uptime requirements while we monitor, maintain, and verify the safety of their crucial computer system data.

Which Areas of a Data Backup Strategy Can Be Problematic for Today’s Businesses?

  • Lack of appropriate testing to ensure the validity of a backup solution
  • Fire or theft resulting in permanent loss
  • Inadequate backup media leaving data at risk
  • Failure to review backup logs
  • General backup system failures which are never addressed
  • Backups without encryption leaving sensitive information vulnerable
  • Neglect of regular upgrades and maintenance
  • Failure to implement adequate data backups for laptops holding important corporate data
  • Lack of resources leading to outdated backup strategies without sufficient protection
  • Backups neglected due to holidays
  • Prolonged systems restoration after an emergency situation

What Does Secure Automated Backup from Micro Visions Offer My Business?

The team of IT professionals at Micro Visions offers comprehensive data backup strategies to ensure our clients’ data and sensitive information remains secure and recoverable. We believe in employing a multi-pronged approach, including several automated backups means to promote redundancy of information thus ensuring its protection and ability to be restored should an emergency occur.

Among the solutions we offer our valued clients are:

  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Version History and Control
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Disaster Recovery