How Can I Prepare My Staff to Recognize Potential Threats Against My Company’s Networks and Systems?

New data indicates that up to 43% of all phishing and social engineering schemes are now aimed at small businesses. Sophisticated attacks have the ability to bypass traditional technology solutions such as firewalls and antivirus software in favor of targeting a business’ weakest link in their IT infrastructure: people.

Through the use of Micro Visions’ Security Awareness Testing and Training platform, businesses receive web-based interactive training, live demonstration videos, short comprehension tests, and scenario-based exercises. All of these tools focus on equipping each business’ staff with the skills they need to act as a “Human Firewall,” safeguarding corporate financial information, funds, and personal information.

Four Key Strategies of an Effective Employee Security Awareness Program

  • Baseline Testing: We provide baseline testing to assess the phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack.
  • Train Your Users: On-demand, interactive and engaging security awareness training with common traps, live demos, and new scenario-based Danger Zone exercises. Training videos are available in 15-minute, 25-minute, and full 45-minute modules.
  • Phish Your Users: Fully automated simulated phishing attacks sent to each of your users at scattered times throughout the campaign. Hundreds of templates are available or easily create your own.
  • See The Results: Enterprise strength reporting showing stats and graphs for each user’s training and phishing results.

How Could a Cyberattack Affect My Business?

Cyberattacks affect businesses in many different ways, all of them painful and expensive. Some of the most common ways that a successful cyberattack leaves an imprint on business are:

  • Theft of Data and Money
  • Loss of Credibility and Reputation
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Frustration Among Staff and Customers
  • Missed Deadlines and Lost Opportunities
  • High IT Repair Bills

Cyber-security threats are more comprehensive and complex than ever before, and sadly, they are only increasing in number. No business can afford to be found unprepared.

How Can Cybersecurity Awareness Training from Micro Visions Help My Employees?

  • Promotes confidence
  • Equips them with the skills to spot potential threats
  • Includes them in a vital part of the proactive cybersecurity defense strategy
  • Builds a culture of cybersecurity into the organization

Micro Visions’ knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals successfully help businesses to maintain fortified cybersecurity by training their staff to work safely online.