All businesses want to come in and have their computers work every day. That’s what we provide. Managed services is beneficial to clients because most small businesses don’t have an IT process. They are not familiar with procuring hardware, industry trends and what is really going to accelerate their business and propel their success.

Partnering with Micro Visions is a great way to establish an information technology process. The greatest benefit of managed services is developing that process.

Micro Visions is a very comprehensive solution provider. We handle everything from the vCIO services, meeting with the business owner, understanding their business objectives, helping them with budgeting, helping them with IT strategy, all the way to network engineers, project managers, system administrators and help desk technicians. It’s really the whole suite of services, including even vendor management, so the things we don’t do we either manage people who do or we put our clients in contact with somebody that does.

We take care things. We are behind the scenes. We’re monitoring. We’re not even physically there but we’re taking care of things. Not only that, but every managed services contract comes with vCIO meetings. We can be meeting with people; talking about how their technology is working for them now, where their business wants to go in the future, and help them plan for that. Nothing is worse than a surprise server crash or a huge bill. This takes care of it.

Meet with one of our IT experts to talk about your IT needs. We can provide a managed services plan that suits your business needs as well as your budget. Email or call us (616) 776-0400.