Are You a System Administrator?

Systems Administrators are busy people. You already know that. The question you are asking yourself is, “How can I lighten my workload, so I can work on pro-growth IT projects?”

You’re already aware of Managed IT Services firms. Here’s what the average Managed IT Services firm provides:

  • Implementation of IT hardware and software
  • IT consulting
  • Ongoing proactive maintenance and IT management
  • Projects and project management
  • VoIP
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Data Backup management

Why My West Michigan Business Needs Managed Services?

No business, large or small, can survive and stay competitive without implementing a plethora of third-party business applications and without building a complex and hard to manage IT infrastructure. Modern IT ecosystems are comprised of various digital assets from a variety of different vendors, which creates compliance, regulatory, and data security challenges.

The widespread adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) policies and the broad use of multiple cloud services by both companies and their employees pose further risks related to data security and business continuity in case of a data breach.

Managing all the required software patches, updates, and configurations on a daily basis can take up your entire attention and shift your focus from core business activities to IT support and maintenance functions. Opting for a managed services solution enables you to have up-to-date IT ecosystems that are both secure and properly configured without investing precious time and resources you need to develop your business.

Five Biggest Digital Threats to Your Small Business

Managed Services Will Elevate Your Business to a New Level

It is not only cybersecurity where managed services matter. Once your digital assets are secure, you need to grow by boosting leads while contacting with and communicating with prospects and existing customers. You need a reliable support service and to reduce costs through cloud-based solutions that include VoIP phones, bookkeeping and invoicing apps, project management platforms, and other business apps.

Use of cloud-based solutions can be a game-changer for your small business and brings the ability to streamline internal and external processes. At the same time, maintaining those apps and platforms is a challenge for an organization that does not have many IT experts on its payroll.

A cloud-enabled business strategy can result in an easier pace of growth for your business while Managed IT Services give you the peace of mind that these services are maintained – running as smoothly and as securely as planned.

Major Benefits of Managed Services

How Micro Visions Helps My West Michigan Business Grow

Micro Visions does not just manage your entire IT environment. We also work with you to plan strategically – making the most out of existing systems and securing them in the long run. We collaborate with you in selecting and implementing hardware and software solutions that best fit your needs and then draft acceptable use policies.

Micro Visions services scale up and down to meet your immediate requirements, but in any case, we provide you with automated solutions for patching and updating your systems. We also automate spyware scanning, hard drive optimization and virus definitions updates to keep your business data as secure as possible.

All of these efforts culminate in giving you a reliable IT environment in which to work, resulting in the ability to pursue organizational objectives without IT headaches or roadblocks.