When it Comes to Combating Ransomware, Cyber Resilience is Key.

As we move deeper into 2021, our reliance on our IT infrastructure continues to grow. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are seizing on this growth. To combat these threats, your processes shouldn’t solely be focused on how secure your business is but rather how cyber resilient it is. Indeed, security is paramount, but if you do fall victim to an attack, the speed at which you can detect an attack and get your systems back into a true production environment is crucial in turning an attack into an inconvenience instead of a business threatening event. Our guest speaker, Michael DePalma, A Senior Channel Development Manager at Datto, will provide information that will allow you to understand the steps you can take now to protect your companies data assets to stay one step ahead of a hacker.

The webinar is scheduled for July 27th at 1 PM EST.