Christmas styled desk with technology and candy, and a notepad to write a Christmas gift list.

MVI Christmas Gift List of 2019

With the holidays upon us, we’ve been thinking about the top things on our wish lists. If you’re looking for a great gift for your tech-minded friends and family (or trying to make your own wish list!), you’ve come to the right place. Our favorites, in no particular order:

Gone are the days of manually lifting your garage door when the power goes out or hanging tennis balls from the ceiling to make sure you’ve pulled into the garage far enough. The Ryobi Garage Door Opener will connect to your phone, has a backup battery, and can guide you into your garage with lasers. Granted, you’d have to get an accessory for the lasers, but they’re a lot cooler than the tennis ball. The base package comes with remotes, an outdoor keypad, safety sensors, and some other features.

Anyone with a black thumb will appreciate this moving flower pot. It moves around the home to follow the sun and dances when it’s feeling so inclined (and throws tantrums when it hasn’t been watered lately).

A solid computer for the casual user, this Chromebook has plenty of functional features without getting too fancy.

Is your giftee always trying to show you videos on her teeny-tiny phone screen? Check out this mini projector.  It’s portable and connects to smartphones without extra adaptors. Also, it’s significantly cheaper than a large TV screen.

These Bose glasses frames play music directly into your giftee’s ears without giving off antisocial vibes (as earbuds or headphones might). The audio quality is pretty good considering it’s coming from glasses, and the lenses can be changed.

If you’re looking for a cheap tablet and don’t need all the bells and whistles of an iPad, check out the Amazon Fire 7. It works well for apps, music, or reading, and it’s a great tablet for kids to start out on.

Never have to hold a flashlight for anyone again with these flashlight gloves. They’ll shine the light straight at the place it’s needed via the lights on the finger or thumb of the glove.

There’s something to be said for not having to wait for a Good Samaritan. This battery-powered jump starter lets you jump yourself—no second car or friendly neighbor required. If you buy somebody the jump starter and the flashlight gloves, said beneficiary will be all set to start a car alone and in the dark in a reasonable amount of time. Major win.

If you know someone who loves color-changing speakers, these wall-mounted Nanoleaf LED panels change color to the rhythm of whatever music is playing. They’re pretty sweet when set up.

Everyone should probably have a dash cam (like this NexBase dash cam.) Don’t believe us? Type “dash cam fails” into the YouTube search bar.

For the busy person in your life, UV light kills bacteria and eliminates the need to constantly be cleaning things like water bottles. Gift a self-cleaning Larq bottle, and save some lucky person on your list some time. The bottles come in several bright colors and an insulated variety is available.