Where Can I Find an IT Support Team to Fortify the Data and Networks of My Local Governmental Organization?

Local governments play a critical role in today’s communities. A large part of the daily workload revolves around the acquisition of pertinent data to assist with critical decisions affecting the people and communities they serve. This data is proprietary and confidential and must be kept safeguarded.

To achieve data security, the United States government has instituted a series of strict compliance protocols that must be followed. When a municipal entity’s technology assets are not regularly monitored or maintained, they become vulnerable to cybercriminals on the lookout for entry portals through which to exploit the agency’s systems. Unfortunately, even a single data breach can have disastrous consequences, both actual and political.

Local government entities form the machine that keeps our cities functioning in an orderly fashion. In order for the personnel of these entities to maintain peak efficiency, they require IT assets that are optimized to support the work they do on a daily basis.

Micro Visions has been proudly providing their top-tier Managed IT Services to local governmental entities for a number of years now. We focus on the provision of proactive security protocols that are tailored to carefully adhere to the compliance legislation for each municipality and the municipal department to give our clients the peace of mind that their data and networks are secure and regularly monitored to prevent potential threats from taking root. We also equip departments of local government with the IT support needed to achieve their ideal IT working environment, – supporting their operational objectives and promoting efficient work practices.

Four Things Local Agencies Need from Their Managed IT Services Provider

  • Compliance expertise including secure data storage and communications
  • Support for remote office locations and workers
  • Simplified and regular engagement opportunities with constituents through technology
  • More effective work processes for assisting constituent with their needs

What Will Total IT Care from Micro Visions Cost?

Managed IT Services from Micro Visions are designed to be all-inclusive. However, since each municipality and the municipal department is a unique entity, it’s difficult to provide a baseline price point that applies across the spectrum of local government.

Here are a number of factors which ultimately affect the final cost a government organization can expect to pay for industry-specific and comprehensive Managed IT Services from our company:

  • The size and complexity of your infrastructure
  • The compliance and security necessities to support your workflow
  • The remote offices, employees, and cloud assets involved
  • The amount of time it will take each month to maintain and manage the IT environment
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