Are You Tired of Your IT Support Provider
Making Money Off You While You Continue to
Struggle with the Same Technology Problems?

What if your IT support providers had a business model that incentivized the prioritization of delivering problem-free computing for your business?

The current time plus materials system is flawed, ensuring IT support providers continue to be financially rewarded even when their client’s networks and systems are experiencing consistent failures.

By contrast, Micro Visions charges a fixed cost to provide Managed IT Services that are designed to protect our clients’ IT systems while attaining mutually aligned goals. We place a high priority on the achievement of a problem-free IT environment to support our clients’ unique workflow. The team of IT professionals at Micro Visions partners with our clients to keep their organizational processes productive and profitable.

Four Benefits of Flat-Rate Managed Services For Grand Rapids Organizations

  • Predictable Monthly Technology Costs
  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • Fees Paid Out in Affordable Monthly Installments
  • Fully Scalable Services to Reduce Overspending

What Can I Expect from Micro Visions’ Flat-Rate Information Technology Management and Maintenance Services?

Server Management

Network Management

24/7 Help Desk Support

Remote And On-Site Support Services

Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity Strategies

Vendor Management

Virtual CIO Services

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The features of our Securelink Essentials Flat-Rate Managed IT Services include

Team Approach

Team Approach

Your company gains an IT department of professionals, including chief information officers, information technology consultants, network engineers, system engineers, system administrators, and technicians.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Comprehensive Technical Support

From access to 24/7/365 help desk support, remote assistance, or on-site support, your issues are resolved in the most timely and effective manner.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Support for all technology-related devices is provided through vendor management services. You can spend your time more productively rather than contacting copier, printer, phone system, mobile phone, Internet Service Providers, cloud-hosted services, and other contracted providers.

Hardware and Software as a Service

Hardware and Software as a Service

Considering the fast pace of technology, often it makes business sense to avoid capital expenditures and write off technology expenses on a monthly basis while keeping equipment and software refreshed with hardware (HaaS) and software (SaaS) as a Service.

Managed Backup Solution

Managed Backup Solution

Our Securelink Backup service provides a fully managed backup solution encompassing hardware, software, off-site data replication, and storage, test restores, backup monitoring, and issue resolution should the need arise. Optional services include both local and cloud-based virtualization of down servers.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning is more than just having reliable backups. Frequently companies are unaware of the impact and cost of having key systems unavailable even for a day.

Micro Visions - Managed IT Services

Micro Visions provides Cybersecurity, Cloud Solutions, and Managed IT to Grand Rapids businesses

No two clients are completely alike. At Micro Visions, we have learned that listening to your needs will result in a solution that aids in the business outcome that you desire.

That’s part of what has made us successful: We’ve focused on finding solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Here are some industries that we’ve served continuously and successfully.

Construction companies work hard to meet on-the-job deadlines every day. IT services for construction companies helps firms maintain a high level of efficiency. When technology fails to operate efficiently or is subject to regular disruption, production schedules are interrupted, leading to costly delays and lost working hours. Additionally, on-site employees and customers become frustrated. Construction, an increasingly technology-dependent industry, can’t afford compromised productivity due to ill-functioning IT assets.

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Distribution is a huge, labor-intensive, and time-sensitive business. Having the right number of people and tools in the right place at the right time is the foundation on which great distribution services are built.

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The manufacturing industry continues to migrate toward “smart factories.”  Some of the world’s biggest manufacturers have already started to embrace disruptive and cutting-edge technologies using IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Small and mid-sized manufacturers should take advantage of these same technologies and collect the same data types.

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Managed IT Services assist service organizations with achieving their ideal IT working environment while securing them against online dangers. Failure to keep pace with the ongoing maintenance requirements of a service organization’s technology infrastructure can impede workflow and cause delays and disruptions, which bring key service components to a standstill.

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Micro Visions is a three-decade-old company, helping organizations across industries leverage technology to improve operations. We understand that non-profits need customized, affordable, and impactful solutions that have immediate benefits. Whether you want to secure your systems or you need a full-fledged technology consultant to help you achieve the greatest ROI from your IT operations, we have a solution for you.

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Local governments play a critical role in today’s communities. A large part of the daily workload revolves around the acquisition of pertinent data to assist with critical decisions affecting the people and communities they serve. This data is proprietary and confidential and must be kept safeguarded.

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Micro Visions is transforming industries across Grand Rapids, one outcome at a time!

In the business world, organizations with the latest tools and superior technologies can stay ahead of the competition in the market. However, engaging an effective IT service provider with the vision of the latest trends allows any organization to gain an advantage. This is where managed Micro Visions can help you drive the business outcomes through technology.