Micro Visions’ IT Solutions for Non-Profits

Micro Visions is a three-decade-old company, helping organizations across industries leverage technology to improve operations. We understand that non-profits need customized, affordable, and impactful solutions that have immediate benefits. Whether you want to secure your systems or you need a full-fledged technology consultant to help you achieve the greatest ROI from your IT operations, a vCIO in Grand Rapids from Micro Visions may be the solution for you. We set up, operate, and maintain our systems and secure/upgrade them proactively, allowing you to run your operations in a focused manner. Some of our services that are popular with non-profits are:

  • Consulting and Project Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Virtual CIO Services
  • Network Mangement
  • Secure Automated Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Vendor Management

How Can Non-Profits Reap the Benefits of Technology?

As non-profits focus most of their resources on serving others, they often perceive technology investment as an additional cost that exceeds realized benefits. This, however, is an inaccurate narrative that does not consider the long-term benefits and cost savings.

Technology adoption is not limited to buying a number of high-end gadgets and computers. It is about embracing the most relevant digital tools that enable staff and leaders to pursue the organization’s mission. Running analytics on existing data with our Grand Rapids vendor management system can help filter out the top donors and their behavior, monitor most effective campaigns, and reveal scope for improvement.

Digital is the new way of interaction and leveraging SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) solutions strategically across the organization will yield a host of recurring benefits, the major ones being:

  • Communication and Engagement – IT can facilitate smooth, affordable, and instant communication through the hierarchy, from board members and committees to the office bearers and on-ground volunteers. Donors are more likely to donate when they get regular updates on the use of their donations and the progress achieved. This will help mobilize your members and boost fundraising events, donation drives, etc. Having a designated vendor management system for your Grand Rapids or Western Michigan non-profit can help maintain and potentially boost your donation network.
  • Internet Audience – A website gets your organization online and gives you global visibility. An informative website goes a long way in enhancing your reputation and credibility. Social media presence boosts your reach, and digital marketing campaigns attract prospective volunteers and members at a low cost.
  • Financial Management – Non-profits often face additional scrutiny for the flow and utilization of funds. Having a “donate” button on your website will automate payments and receipts. It’ll also help keep your account books updated and transparent.
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping – Storing your documents in electronic format will free up office hours, which can be better utilized. On the other hand, they will be more secure in digital lockers and be easily retrievable. A Grand Rapids vCIO from Micro Visions can help you find the best digital storage solutions for your business.
  • Cloud-Based Access – The power of cloud computing can help non-profits realize the benefits of all the aforementioned services (and many more) without investing in expensive servers and other hardware. Cloud-based services will be available at a fraction of the cost. One can start with something as basic as a mailbox and then keep expanding as and when required.
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