Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 1.10.55 PM"That rush fix last week? Just forget it ever happened"

In Computerworld's article about the obsolescing of Windows XP by , Microsoft reminds users that it's really really finished supporting XP... read on and follow the link for the full story (which will open in a new tab or window), or CALL US at 616.776.0400 for help upgrading and securing your office.

Computerworld - Microsoft today reminded customers still running Windows XP that they would not receive security updates from the Patch Tuesday slate shipped to newer operating systems, or for that matter, future fixes of any kind.

"With today's Update Tuesday, if you are still on Windows XP you will not receive any security or non-security updates through Windows Update or Microsoft Update," said Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc on a company blog. "Because support has ended for Windows XP, we are no longer releasing updates to the general public for Windows XP going forward."

LeBlanc's missive was little more than a reminder that Microsoft has absolutely, positively, no-ifs-ands-or-buts retired Windows XP. The firm has been pounding the XP-is-dead drum for years at varying beats.

Microsoft served XP with its last Patch Tuesday collection on April 8, making today's set the first sans security updates for the 13-year-old operating system.