Construction Firm's IT Support

Does Your Grand Rapids IT Support Bring Your Construction Firm New IT Opportunities?

In the first part of this blog series, we explored how technology can make a construction firm more productive. From simple software to AI drones, new technologies have a range of applications in the modern construction sector.

This, of course, requires firms actually to know about these opportunities, and for their Grand Rapids, IT support to help them harness these new technologies. Has your firm increased productivity with new tech? Maybe not, and the fact is that there's even more to explore. In part two of this series, we'll examine further ways to improve your firm with strategic applications of new technologies.

Construction Firm's IT Support

How Technology With Quality IT Support Can Revolutionize Your Construction Firm's Daily Work Culture

Simplify & Eliminate Work through Automation

Don’t worry, this isn’t about robots taking jobs from the working man. Well, at least, not entirely. The fact is that some work is so dangerous or so tedious that it makes more sense to offload it to an automated technology:

  • Automated and remote technology allows construction firms to get their staff members far away from dangerous situations and, instead, have them monitor automated machines that handle the tasks directly.
  • Automation also allows you to circumvent human limitations. Automated trucks and other heavy machinery can work around the clock to move materials from one place to another and execute other tasks — something you couldn’t achieve with the same investment in a human counterpart.

Evolve Your Cybersecurity

Have you heard about “next generation” firewalls and antivirus software? The idea is that they use new technology, such as artificial intelligence and automation, to become more effective defensive measures.

Traditionally, cybersecurity software worked by doing what it was told to do by manufacturers and managers. By configuring the hardware as preferred, the user could protect, say, a network, from previously identified threats. The manufacturer would regularly release updates to prepare the systems to deal with newly identified threats, and so on.

Next-generation cybersecurity software is all based on advanced algorithms that can learn and adapt from the normal patterns associated with each user and device, detecting anomalies in those patterns quickly. These technologies use a neural net, which will “learn” to spot patterns of data associated with previously identified and classified spear-phishing emails.

Connect Job Sites

This is the primary advantage of the cloud when applied to the type of work you do. Long gone are the days of having to visit a job site or rely on daily reports from your team to determine what progress has been made.

Cloud computing allows you to connect and view job sites remotely from a single data center. Depending on the scope of your firm and how far apart job sites are, this could save you hours every day in travel time, allowing you instead to check in on sites from the comfort of your office (or wherever else you have an Internet connection).

Furthermore, mobile technology can do a lot to support these efforts, with smartphones providing a simple way to both keep in touch and share vital information. The internet helps users to access work files from anywhere and anytime boosting productivity. Everything can be uploaded with a smartphone to a shared platform and repository for data about a work site.

What Does This Mean for Your Firm and Your Grand Rapids IT Support?

The point here is that you need to recognize what you're missing out on. No, you won't be required to adopt any of these technologies. However, if they could save you some time, or some money, or make your workplace safer, shouldn't you at least consider them?

This is where Grand Rapids IT support comes in. They should have the knowledge and experience to meaningfully consult on the feasibility of these technologies in your work. This isn't to say that your firm is going to start using many cutting-edge technologies overnight, but maybe there's a key opportunity here you aren't aware of.

If your Grand Rapids IT support doesn't have the resources to help you weigh the potential of these new technologies, then you should find a different company that can. A company like Micro Visions. We're available to help construction firms harness new technologies in strategic and cost-effective ways.

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