For those who have been following Micro Visions blogs for a while, you may be familiar with some of my adventures in jacking up my browser. If not, see this experiment and that other one. For no reason in particular, I’m a consistent Firefox user (except when it jams up and frustrates the ever living daylights out of me, at which point I move to Chrome). Happily for me, Mozilla released its latest update, Firefox Quantum, several weeks ago, and I’ve been quite thoroughly enjoying it.

Part of the reason I started using my dearly beloved ad blocker was the frequent freezing and browser crashing. Fewer ads largely solved that problem (key word: largely). I do tend to abuse my Internet browser by leaving fifteen to twenty tabs open, so there were still some issues. But, bless Mozilla and Firefox and updates. Following the update, Firefox hasn’t frozen or crashed. However, my memory is low and the computer forces it to close. It certainly lends credence to the idea that the browser can handle six zillion tabs.

This update has a few other perks. The browser has been pretty nicely streamlined, it’s fast, and it has a super fancy screenshot function. A downside is that the massive overhaul means extensions aren’t working like they used to, if they’re working at all, which has been frustrating for many users. I’ve not had this problem simply because I’ve never bothered to use any extensions. For some it’s a deal breaker. On the whole, Firefox Quantum isn’t a bad alternative (or primary) browser for anyone looking to make a change. However, it may not be the greatest update for old Firefox users with a lot of extensions.