IT Solutions for a Computer Go-To Person

You are the “go-to” person for your company’s IT resources. You’re good with
networks and systems and are happy to sort through vendors and consultants.
But while you enjoy filling this role, you often feel that you need your own support

IT Solutions for a Computer Go-To Person2021-12-08T18:58:52+00:00

After all, you are the “go-to” person, but you can’t do the work of an entire, experienced IT department.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself, and asking for a hand can improve your organization’s entire IT environment. Here’s what you need to do next.

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Do You Experience These Frustrations at Work?

You enjoy helping out, and you want to grow as your company does. Ideally, you want to become the company’s systems administrator. You may have even looked into more education, but found that the classes offered don’t apply to your environment.

If you are your company’s “go-to” IT person, you might recognize these frustrating situations:

  • When you need help, support doesn’t arrive fast enough.
  • Taking a vacation means tripling your workload to keep up and catch up.
  • Your vendor relationships make you feel like you’re a means to an end.
  • There are projects beyond your expertise, and you don’t have time to learn.
  • You ultimately want to do IT full time for the company, but it seems far off.
  • Fingers get pointed, but nothing gets done.
  • You may have security vulnerabilities, but you’re not sure how to address them.

Where Does It End?

You may feel that you bear the burden of your organization’s IT woes – and you don’t even have the certifications to warrant it.

Sometimes, the best solution isn’t one you can buy from a vendor. It’s added help from an objective IT consultant.

IT consultants support the “go-to” IT type without stepping on toes. They provide direction and stability when called for and present solutions. Helping you get projects unstuck and get things done. An IT consultant can be your advocate both in your role and for the business generally.

You need that. After all, IT isn’t a set of protocols and infrastructure. It’s also a key component in achieving your business’s best outcome.

Services an IT Consultant Can Provide You in Your Role

You don’t need someone to come in and take over, but a consultant might do the trick. An IT consulting service provides you with on-demand IT advice in plain language and rapid response for maintenance issues.

Whatever you need, all you need to do is ask. Your consultant then works with you to:

We build an ongoing relationship with you under a simple and stable monthly contract expense. This gives you timely, dependable, scalable access to IT consultants that can support your internal efforts.

What Do You Get from the Extra Support?

An IT consultant does more than whisper in your ear. They work with you toward shared goals that not only transform your workday but benefit your entire organization.

Leveraging a partnership with an outsourced IT consultant will enable you to:

  • Ensure your solutions meet your organizational requirements
  • Enjoy having an advocate in your corner who knows your best interests
  • Manage costs and eliminate surprises
  • Plan a result and achieve it
  • Demonstrate a clear plan forward

Micro Visions has supported businesses and their employees in Grand Rapids for over 30 years. Our information technology consulting services cater to your unique business objectives, and IT needs. If you love being your organization’s “go-to” person, but know you need some support yourself, we want to help.

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