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Microsoft Teams: The Hot New Collaboration Tool for Office 365 Users

Just when you thought Office 365 couldn’t get any better, the hot new collaboration tool for office 365 users is added to the mix: Microsoft Teams. As businesses in the Grand Rapids and Western Michigan areas prioritize the safety and well being of their employees, Microsoft Teams is playing a vital role in helping them stay connected through video meetings, calls, and chats.

Collaborate From Anywhere

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork within Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365). Microsoft Teams allow co-workers to collaborate from anywhere across the country -- shifting from chat to video conferencing seamlessly with the touch of a button. Microsoft Teams’ mobile and web applications are as comprehensive as their desktop counterparts, too. Teams will integrate with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, the new Planner Task Management App, Stream Video Portal and even Power BI.

Promotes Effective Teamwork

Microsoft Teams creates and promotes effective teamwork across an organization. It empowers those with access to fully engage with the business and other team members to speed up employee productivity. The ability to chat simultaneously with co-workers in real-time rather than relying on emails back and forth with attachments significantly improves productivity within your team.

Video Conferencing

A virtual face-to-face conversation is the new normal in the current climate. Due to the coronavirus pandemic videoconferencing has become a big part of staying connected and collaborating virtually. Video conferencing is one of the fastest-growing niches in the technology market today and expected to reach a total value of $13.82 billion by 2023.

The Gartner report has Microsoft Teams as a leader in meetings solutions. They predict by 2022, virtual concierges and advanced analytics will facilitate 40 % of formal meetings. Offering a secure meeting experience with high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing capability, Microsoft Teams supports private and group meeting capabilities, scheduling capabilities, and free/busy calendar availability. Before the start of a virtual meeting, attendees can review conversations.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Teams leverage the Microsoft cloud-based storage system, which allows anyone to access a document as long as they have adequate permissions in place. They can find a specific version, add feedback, and save a copy. This preserves all versions of the document in a central location, maintaining the integrity of the most up-to-date version. Teams allow authorized users to share files, organize meetings from their calendar, and sync with other Office apps like OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype for Business.

Teams Activity Reports

If you are concerned about the productively of those using Microsoft 365 and Teams, there are two activity reports you can view within Teams. A Microsoft Teams user activity report and Microsoft Teams device usage report. The Teams user activity report gives you a view of the most common activities that your users perform in Teams. This includes how many people engage in a chat in a channel, how many communicate via private chat message, and how many participate in calls or meetings. The Teams device usage report provides you with valuable insights about how your users connect to Teams, including mobile apps. The report helps you understand which devices are most popular in your organization and how many users work on the go.

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