CtrlZMistakes Happen. Luckily, we all have the ability to "undo" those mistakes by simply using CTRL + Z. It's one of my favorite hotkeys, and works great for a number of different situations!


CTRL + Z will return deleted text and paragraphs to their original location. You can hit it multiple times to undo a series of actions.

File Deletion:

If you accidentally delete a file or move it to the wrong location, immediately hitting CTRL + Z will put it back where it was. The keyword is immediately here. It's important to understand this shouldn't be counted on as a "restore" feature -- you can't return later and use it -- but if you do notice the mistake immediately this trick can be a real lifesaver!!


CTRL + Z will undo the last command or entry.

Chrome and Firefox:

Close a tab by accident? CTRL + Z + T will open it right back up for you.


Crop a little too aggressively or add an effect you don't care for? CRTL + Z brings you back to your original format before any changes made with the selected tool. If you need just the last action undone, you can use CTRL + ALT + Z. You can hit this combination multiple times, however, if you need to return to a state somewhere between the last action and where you were before selecting your current tool.

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