Successfully Restart Business Operations

Effectively Protect Your Workforce While you Successfully Restart Business Operations

As Michigan slowly prepares to reopen the economy, it's time to start creating a safe back-to-work plan for your employees. There are lots of factors to consider as you prepare to restart regular business operations; even so, the following IT-related tips can help you avoid common problems while improving office morale and customer service.

Successfully Restart Business Operations

Evaluate Your Old IT Set-Up

The odds are that you will need to make some changes to your office IT set-up to make it easy for employees to work effectively while maintaining social distancing. Consider the following pointers:

  • Does your office have a single fax machine that all the employees take turns using? If so, you may want to consider ditching it in favor of a web-based fax app that can send files directly from one's computer.
  • Does your current IT set-up make it easy for employees to sit apart from each other? If not, you may need to stagger shifts or upgrade your office furniture to facilitate social distancing at work.
  • Do you need an office network? If all your employees can work from home and are comfortable doing so, you may want to consider allowing staff members to continue working remotely.
  • Will the current IT set-up make it easy for our company to continue offering top-tier service to customers? Many customers may not be able to leave home to purchase your products/services in person. Will your current IT systems be able to serve them quickly, easily, and efficiently?
  • Did your employees have everything they needed to work well from home, or did you have to scramble to provide needed hardware and/or software programs so staff members could do their jobs? Have a look at "temporary fixes" to see if these need to be changed to increase employee productivity.

Make IT Upgrades Now

Dr. Fauci has made it clear he believes that a second COVID-19 wave is inevitable. This means that now is the time to prepare your company's IT set-up to meet your current and future needs. A good IT managed service can help you select hardware and software that will help your employees stay safe, save time, and protect your data from hacks. Furthermore, an IT service can install new software programs, update your old operating systems, and provide your staff members with the IT training they need to do their jobs.

Micro Visions IT Managed Services

Micro Visions is a leading IT managed service provider in the state of Michigan. We offer:

  • Comprehensive IT assistance and support for a flat-rate fee
  • Top-tier cybersecurity to keep your data and networks safe at all times
  • Scalable IT services
  • Proactive IT maintenance and monitoring
  • Timely IT assistance and support
  • Cutting-edge IT consulting services to help you make well-informed IT decisions

Micro Visions partners with Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and other leading IT technology companies to offer the best IT solutions to companies from a wide range of industries. Our IT experts are dedicated, experienced professionals who continually stay abreast of IT developments to ensure your business has access to the latest technology at all times. Companies that have worked with us in the past note that our team is organized, methodical, proactive, and responsive. We put a premium on customer service and treat our clients like partners, investing in their success so they can reach their core business goals without undue delay.

Is your IT set-up able to handle the "new normal"? If not, get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our team offers personalized advice and assistance that can help you keep employees and customers safe while improving overall business operations.