Technology Gifts 2014 - Micro Visions Technology Gift IdeasThere are just two weeks left to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. For those of you struggling for ideas, we’re here to help. It’s time once again for our annual list of Things We Really, Really Like! Technology gift ideas for 2014, in price ranges suitable for any budget. Items we’re hoping are placed under our own Christmas trees!


Pebble Steel: The next generation of crowd-sourced Pebble smartwatch.

ThTechnology Gifts 2014 - Pebble Steel MVIis stainless steel, waterproof wonder works with both Android and iPhones, and pings the scanner at just $149. Smaller and more attractive than many other smartwatches to hit the market, Pebble Steel has a built in alarm clock, sends silent notifications when emails or text messages arrive, and allows full engagement through all popular social media channels. Read CNET’s full review here. Retails for $149.



Tired of tangled cords on your ear buds? ZipBuds® feature a Technology Gifts 2014 - zipbuds black MVItangle-resistant zipper-integrated cable that retains its flexibility and provides frustration free enjoyment of your favorite tunes. Angled ear tips come with three sets of covers, Small/Medium/Large, as well as sport ear clips to keep things in place during physical activity.  Break your Zipbuds during the first year? The company generously offers a coupon for a replacement pair at 50% off. Available everywhere for $24.99.


 3D Printers.

Technology Gifts 2014 - MVI 3D printerWe blogged about these back in July. Now readily available all over the internet as well as brick and mortar stores, there are limitless possibilities for these amazing machines. Lose a cupboard knob? Print a new one! Missing a leg on the ottoman? Need a button to match the rest? Chip clip just a little too loose to keep things fresh? Print. Print. Print! Business Insider put together a fun photo list of less obvious items people had created with their 3D Printers. Price points for the printers are as low as $350, and filaments start around $20.


ASUS MB MB168B+ 15.6-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Technology Gifts 2014 - MVI ASUS MonitorThe world’s slimmest and lightest USB monitor requires just a single USB 3.0 cable for power and data. Small and portable, the ASUS MB168B+ is a great secondary monitor that fits perfectly in a laptop bag. Features include auto rotation detection and ambient light sensor that automatically detects ambient lighting and intelligently adjust for comfortable viewing and energy savings. Retails for $299.


DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone with Zenmuse H3-2D. Technology Gifts 2014 - MVI Christmas List Drone

Real flight at your fingertips with picture quality so good it will feel like you’re in the sky yourself. The Phantom 2 is light yet rugged, easy to fly, and powered by a high performance 5200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that provides up to 25 minutes of flight time. Flies at an airspeed of about 30 MPH and has a “Return to Home” feature if you accidentally fly it out of range or lose power to the remote.

Currently $799 at Amazon.


Technology Gifts 2014 - Lego Pirate FlagshipHelp keep this list alive! By feeding the minds that will grow to dream and develop the next generation of gadgets and gizmos, you help ensure that we’ll all be unwrapping fabulous gifts like these for years to come! Studies show that LEGOs develop lateral thinking skills in a hands on environment. They encourage kids of all ages to develop scientific and technological solutions, enhance mathematics, geometry, and engineering skills, and improve creativity and critical thinking. Besides, what’s more fun than a Pirate Ship complete with 9 minifigures, 4 firing cannons, and a fully equipped ship’s kitchen? Arrgh! Nothing, Matey! That’s what.

$50 will buy a decent sized LEGO set.


Were we thinking too small for you? How about a ginormous TV?

Technology Gifts 2014 - 85" TV

Sony’s XBR-85X950B 4K Ultra HD TV

This monster is going to take up a lot of real estate, but it’ll be totally worth it. With a robust suite of Web and streaming features, this TV is sure to become the centerpiece of your home entertainment experience.

Available at Best Buy

for a mere $24,999


Tesla Model S

Technology Gifts 2014 - Tesla Model S

Technology Gifts 2014 - Tesla-Model-S-dash




Do we even need to say anything more?

196 inches of pure beauty. Seating for five, zero emissions, and this baby will do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Plus, lease options are now available starting as low as $777/month  – great news for those of us who don’t have the $71-105K it’ll take to cover the cash price. If Santa parks one of these in your driveway this Christmas, please let us know. Better yet, just swing by our New Office and pick us up! We are always up for a road trip!