Ever played the game “Two Truths and a Lie”?

I’m about to tell you two truths and one lie. Can you decipher which is which?


  • In 2015, millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce.
  • Per The Wall Street Journal, 96 percent of millennials think their phones are the most important product in their daily lives.
  • 2 + 2 = 5

Through deductive reasoning, and hopefully a reliable early childhood education, you know that numbers one and two are correct. The truth is, we all essentially live on our smart phones, especially millennials….and bringing these devices into the workplace is no longer a trend - it’s becoming the new workplace culture.

Knowing that this millennial generation now makes up the largest share of the workforce, having a plan for managing these devices while protecting your corporate data and network is imperative. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software allows companies to control and secure access to not only smartphones, but laptops and tablets as well – balancing the need for convenience and data security.

With the ever-evolving use of technology in the home and office, can you afford to have your network and data at risk? Let’s take a look at three of our top benefits to integrating a MDM solution for your business.

  1. Compliance and Security: One of the benefits of MDM is that compliance initiatives can be monitored through one pane of glass. Whether you’re a small or large business, adhering to compliance standards is a necessity for your employees…and whether we like to admit it or not, turnover happens in every business. There are many scenarios in which termination of an employee, whether voluntary or not, comes with enormous security risks.
  2. There’s no additional cell phone expense! Every business owner relishes the thought of saving money…there’s no doubt about that. A simple benefit to MDM is that it supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. This means employees can use their own personal phones for business use, and their employer no longer must buy expensive devices and enter long-term contracts. For most, it’s a win-win. Employees do not need to carry around multiple devices for work and personal purposes, and employers do not need to spend additional money on multiple devices. This can keep both the user and the employer happy while STILL protecting business data and information.
  3. Easy Monitoring: There are many benefits to monitoring an employee’s device while at the workplace. MDM permits employers to block specific apps, sites, and even content from a specific device, which could decrease the amount of malware or threats trying to access your data from the outside.

So. Now that you’ve decided that MDM is appropriate for your business, how do you choose which program to go with?

Microsoft Intune is a reliable product that allows employees to use their devices and applications they love while configuring device settings to meet compliance needs. The best part is, there is flexibility in managing these devices based on whether your company is in the cloud or on premise.

Another popular option is MaaS360. While Microsoft Intune delivers most of the features to have a successful MDM policy, MaaS360 adds the benefit of Geofencing. Geofencing allows your administrator to set up an invisible fence around a boundary that they decide. Any device that leaves that boundary, an alert is sent to the designated person. This gives you the peace of mind that while you are still away from the office, if the unthinkable were to happen, you would still be covered.

Mobile Devices in the workplace are here to stay and are on the rise with tablets…so make sure you develop a plan to manage them before they begin to manage you.