Part of our Managed Services is our vCIO services. So I think a lot of our clients really appreciate that strategic planning, that budgeting, knowing that down the road these are the things that we need to make improvements on. And these are what those projects are going to cost. And have you thought about doing it this way? A lot of times a client will say, “I need this done.” Well, do they really need that done, or can we come up with a solution that really meets their needs? So what they think they want isn't always the best solution. So as part of Managed Services, I think that piece is really key.

So in an instance before where a client didn't have Managed Services, they had a virus that had spread across the entire network. They were down for almost the entire day, which affected production. They weren't able to ship any products, they weren't able to do any work. They pretty much had to send all their employees home. So if they would have signed up earlier for the service, you know, we could have prevented that issue for them.

Nothing's worse than a surprise server crash or a huge bill. This takes care of it. That's another great thing — the predictable spending. It's a budgeted technology bill every month. You know what you're going pay, and you know that things are going to work because of that. And there's different tiers available. You can have everything rolled into one: anti-virus, your backups, your maintenance and monitoring, or you can just select the pieces that you need. Maybe you’ve got someone that can help you with the other elements. Call us, we’ll take care of the rest of it.