IT Company Keeping Up With Tech Changes in Construction

Is Your IT Company in Grand Rapids Helping You Keep up with Tech Changes in the Construction World?

When you entered the construction world, you probably weren’t thinking about how something like Artificial Intelligence could be a part of your work environment someday, right? More likely, you were hoping you had the right basic tools for the job — hammers, saws, drills, etc.

Times have changed — and they are continuing to change, quickly. Are you keeping up with the ways that new technologies can benefit firms in the construction industry? Is your IT company in Grand Rapids helping you do so?

IT Company Keeping Up With Tech Changes in Construction

Your IT Company Needs to Support New Technology for Your Construction Firm

There is a range of ways new technologies can improve and simplify the work you do every day. All you have to do is be willing to give them a try, and then let your IT company in Grand Rapids show you the way.

New applications of technology in your sector include:

1. Productivity Tools

Outside the actual trade itself, there is software designed to handle every business and administrative task you do manually every day:

  • Scheduling
  • Provisioning
  • Generating invoices

And the list goes on. The use of the right tools improves productivity by allowing collaboration among teams. Most of the work files can be easily accessed using different devices allowing team members to work together wherever they are.

2. Mobile Devices & Apps

Mobile devices have made it easier and easier to get work done while on the go. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are a simple way to share and review data, stay in touch with employees, and more while on the road. Benefits include:

  • Lower Your Expenses: Having your staff use their devices for work means that you don’t have to pay for the technology they’d be using otherwise. The only downside this has is that your organization risks data security. However, depending on the size of your firm, that could mean potential savings of thousands of dollars that would have been necessary to pay for tablets and work phones.
  • Improve Your Crew’s Work Experience: Allowing your staff to use their technology also means there’s no pesky learning curve to overcome with new devices. Instead of having to ensure your team knows how to use the hardware at work, they can use the phone, tablet, or laptop they’re already familiar with.
  • Increase Your Workplace Productivity: Being able to use a mobile device combined with managing and executing tasks using the devices your team is familiar with can greatly boost productivity — in some cases, up to 53%.

3. AI & Machine Learning

Over the past few years, developments and leaps in the furthering of machine-learning have led to the integration of Artificial Intelligence into products you already use or future versions of products you use.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows computers to correctly make decisions that would otherwise be left up to users. When properly applied, AI can do the following:

  • Staff Management. Easily track workers around the job site via their smartphones and wearables.
  • Efficiency Analysis. Improve the way a job site is laid out by tracking tools and vehicles to determine whether too much time is being wasted, moving them from one location to another.
  • Site Management. AI (in the form of autonomous drones and rovers) can observe job sites to track progress in real-time, comparing HD footage against the 3D models of the intended end product.

AI can study data on work reports and determine where errors have occurred in the highest frequencies, allowing you to decide whether your crew may need to be retrained or switched around to ensure a more successful project.

As you can see, technology has a lot to offer your firm — but only if you’re willing, and if you’ve been given a chance to try. That raises the most important question…

Is Your IT Company Helping You Harness New Technology?

You can’t be expected to implement AI or other technologies at your work sites all on your own. If you’re not getting the expertise or attention from your IT company in Grand Rapids, then you need to find a company that can do the job.

Micro Visions offers a holistic suite of IT support and services to construction companies. Our construction company clients enjoy fully operational IT assets that are optimized and secured to promote their ideal IT working environment.

We address any ongoing technology issues to bring them to a permanent resolution, ensuring that our clients have the tools they need to stay effective on the job, whether working from the job site or the main office.

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