Not sure what to get for the technology lover on your list? Here are 10 gift ideas under $150.

Roku Express | 5X more powerful HD Streaming (2017)Roku Express ($29.99): This remote brings streaming services and cable subscriptions to one place (or replaces cable, if that’s the way you roll). Create a free account and start streaming (in HD!). It’s definitely on the low end of the price spectrum, and it’ll prevent having to plug in a laptop for online streaming.


2nd Generation Amazon Echo ($79.99): The Bluetooth speaker struggle is real. If they don’t break the bank, they tend to break down after a few months of use. The good news is that the new Echo gets good reviews all around for sound quality, longevity, and a price range that’s not too painful. As an added bonus, it accepts and understands voice commands.


Fitbit Alta ($129.95): Gone are the days of those chunky pedometers that clipped to your pants. The latest and greatest from Fitbit is a thin band around the wrist that’s pretty nicely streamlined. Besides the standard step counting, the Alta also tracks heart rate, calories burned, and sleep stages. Plus, it comes with quite a few color options and the battery life is up to 7 days.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug ($29.98): This is the thing to have for the guy who’s not sure about all this Smart Home business. The smart plug is a sort of introduction to the Smart Home concept, easily set up and easily removed with no major investment in hubs or service subscriptions. The idea is that you can plug the Smart Plug into an outlet and, through WiFi, control lights and appliances. One fun feature is “Away Mode,” which turns the lights on and off randomly while the homeowner is on vacation.

AMIR Camera Lens Kit ($17.99): For the aspiring photographer who’s not so aspiring as to carry around a real camera. This kit comes with three lenses that attach to a phone camera, front or back. They’re not professional grade, but they do some cool things.

Portable Jump Starter ($49.99): Because sometimes nobody’s around to help jump the car. This portable jump starter is a solid emergency backup plan with a pretty reasonable price point.


Lola BlackMighty ($85.99): Now that music streaming is fairly universal, this handy little device plays Spotify offline so the user doesn’t have to deal with unexpected data use or phone battery drains. It works by downloading the Spotify playlist while on WiFi (downloading the app on a phone connects Mighty to Spotify), and then it can be played anywhere. It’s especially handy for runners who don’t want to carry a phone.

Portable Scanner ($56.99): With a small size, battery power, and easy use, this scanner is good for people on the move. It scans documents quickly and with good resolution without the encumbrance of having to go somewhere to find a scanner.

Sprocket Printer ($129.95): This pocket-sized Bluetooth printer is reminiscent of a Polaroid camera. It connects to a smartphone to print wallet-size pictures. While not designed to be a professional-grade printer, it does good work for quick, fun shots. It also doesn’t need separate ink cartridges because of the type of paper it uses, so that’s cool.


Philips Lightbulbs ($146.00): These babies change color. ‘Nuff said. (Actually, they also connect to your smartphone or Alexa, among other devices, to let you control lighting throughout your home. Pretty neat).