Here we go again! Each year Micro Visions makes a list of our favorite tech items; items we think either make (or would make) our lives easier, more productive, or just plain better.  Whether you're looking to charge more devices or charge less often, we've found something that will fit the bill. Keep reading for the complete 2017 List of Things We Really, Really Like.


chevrolet-bolt-concept-201-626x382Let's start right out with the car, shall we? Our featured car this year is the Chevy Bolt , an all-electric vehicle offering an EPA- estimated 238 miles on a full charge. That's amazing. But even more amazing is the price tag! For under $30,000, the Bolt marks the first time consumers don't have to choose between a measly 100 miles per charge and emptying their bank account for a Tesla. Completely high-tech, the Bolt's standard 10.2" tablet-like display offers mutifuntional screens that report vehicle performance stats and control just about everything in both night or day modes for enhanced visibility. In addition, Chevy's made available a laundry list of safety technology for the Bolt including pedestrian braking, OnStar Automatic Crash Response, 10 air bags, rear camera mirror (mirror surface doubles as a video screen), and forward collision, side blind zone and rear cross traffic alerts. Oh, and one more thing; The Bolt will do zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds. $37,495 starting MSRP, but don't forget about that $7500 federal tax credit for plug-in cars.


navdy-navigationCan't afford a whole new ride? How about just upgrading your old hoopty with a Navdy. The Navdy heads up display (HUD) is compatible with almost any vehicle 1996 and later. It displays current speed, turn-by-turn navigation, music controls, and notifications for messages and calls from the companion app for either Android or iOS. The Navdy can be operated either by a dial that attaches to the steering wheel, hand gestures, or voice commands.
$799 with free shipping and available interest-free financing for 12 months.


1_voyager_gtx_256gbUSB 3.0 is definitely the way to go. With dramatically faster transfer speeds, we still can't understand why all new computers aren't being outfitted with 3.0, but that's a story for another time. Luckily, the Corsair Flash Voyager GTX works on the 3.0 interface while still providing full USB 2.0 support. Anyone can use this baby, and here's why you'll want to: Clocking in at up to 450 MB / second reads and writing at up to 360 MB per second, the GTX might just be the fastest key available. Flash drive? More like Flashy Drive. With it's sleek zinc alloy housing and aluminum accents, you'll want to attach the Voyager GTX (with it's integrated loop) right to your key ring so you can take it with you and show it off everywhere. Just over $100 on Amazon for the 256gb version.



washer-dryerYou don't have to have joined the Tiny House Movement to appreciate this next item. For the millions of Americans who live in apartments or simply don't have the space to allocate to a full traditional laundry system, LG now offers the ideal solution. The LG All-in-one Washer and Dryer  takes your laundry from dirty to dry in a single unit. It doesn't require a dryer vent, plugs into a standard outlet, and comes in three different models; a 2.3 cubic foot unit, a front loading 4.3 cubic foot unit, or the 24" compact unit. All three work by utilizing a condensing system that extracts the moisture from items once they have been cleaned, then drains through the drum with the water pump. Starting around $1600.


Next is Apple's fitness tracker Watch Series 2.  Great news for those that waited through Apple's first couple tries at a wearable, the latest Watch is now available and was definitely worth the wait. apple-watchWith added built-in GPS, better water resistance (up to 50 meters), a screen that's twice as bright and a faster dual core processor, Apple is touting the Series 2 as the "Superior Sports Watch." It tracks all the ways you move throughout the day and offers a gentle nudge when you're lazy.  A multitude of available third-party apps provide a better picture of your overall health, and since it also functions as your phone, calendar and digital assistant, the information you need is available whenever you need it, no matter where or what you're doing. Prices start at $369.


nintendo-classicRelive your childhood (or see what you missed) with the NES Classic Edition game console. It looks just like the original from 80's, but this one comes pre-loaded with 30 of the most popular games that helped make Nintendo a household name. Super Mario Brothers 3, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Kirby all come back to life in the all-in-one system that includes one full-size original controller (additional controllers available for $9.99). Play for hours on one of three different display modes, then save up to four versions of each game in the available Suspend Point slots. $59.99 if you're lucky enough to find one of these at a retailer, trending at about $225 on the secondary market.


anker-powerport-10Combining Power IQ and VoltageBoost to ensure the fasted possible charge speeds, the Anker PowerPort 10 ultimate charging station can charge up to 10 devices at once. Awarded the highest energy efficiency rating by the US Department of Energy, the PowerPort pumps out 60 watts of power and provides the fastest and safest simultaneous charging for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones/tablets and a wide array of other USB-charged devices. Surge protection, temperature control, and an 18 month warranty make this compact charger a must-have. $39.99


And lastly, we just had to add the Ehang 184 to this year's list. The Ehang is a single person autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) that can transport people at 11,000 feet. WHAT? That's right, the Ehang 184 (which stands for 1 person, 8 propellers and 4 wings) is a personal flying machine that can cruise around at about 62 miles per hour for about 23 minutes at a time. Even better, the Ehang can be controlled completely through a mobile app, so owners wouldn't even need to go to flight school. That means theoretically you could pop your work address into the app, jump in your 184 each morning, and by just saying "Take Off" the craft would transport you to work while you sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. That. Is. So. Cool. Unfortunately, given the amount of governmental clearances and legal regulations this thing is going to need, we're not sure the Ehang will be tootling around the friendly skies anytime soon. On the other hand, an agreement was reached with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems back in June to allow the Chinese drone firm to test the device at their FAA-approved test site...