A construction worker using a tablet on site is slowed down by outdated technology.

Running Outdated Technology in Your Construction Company Can Cost You Time and Money

Microsoft stated that 70-80% of the top 10 malware infections could be avoided entirely, as long as you have updated technology. You’ve likely felt the impact of running outdated technology once or twice in your life - the spinning rainbow ball, the frustrating pop-up notifications reminding you about patches or updates, the never-ending rotating hourglass - we’ve all seen these before. They’re all signs that the system you’re using isn’t up-to-date and running properly. But what, exactly, is the cost of running outdated technology in your construction company?

Technology is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry, But Don’t Make the Mistake of Running Outdated Systems…

Technological advancements have always played a major role in the construction industry. We went from cutting boards and screw drivers to power tools - from shovels and pickaxes to evacuators - all sorts of heavy equipment has changed the way construction workers operate. Ultimately, technology gives construction workers a safer, more efficient way to get work done. Yet the construction industry tends to fall behind when it comes to updating their hardware and software.

In fact, many construction executives believe investing in new servers, computers, software, and other equipment is far beyond their budget. But here’s the thing: Construction companies MUST stay up-to-date to avoid becoming obsolete. There are so many construction companies embracing technological advancements, including:

  • Telematics
  • Mobile apps
  • Autonomous heavy equipment
  • 3D printed buildings
  • Drones
  • And much more

Aside from the risks of running outdated equipment, construction companies simply can’t afford to fall behind those who are deploying technological advancements on job sites around the world.

So What’s the Cost of Running Outdated Technology in Your Construction Company?

There are various risks of running outdated technology that makes it costly for construction companies to fall behind when it comes to updating their environment. Here’s a few of the top risks:

  1. Crashes resulting in downtime: Clients nowadays want uninterrupted and reliable customer service. But when a server or computer crashes due to a lack of proper maintenance and/or patches, downtime occurs - leaving clients unhappy and ready to take their business elsewhere.
  2. More expensive to maintain and/or repair: Outdated technology is simply more expensive to maintain and/or repair when problems do occur. Think about it… Technology advances at an incredibly rapid rate. It’s typically double the price to fix a system that’s 4 or more years old.
  3. Less productivity throughout the workforce: When your team members are left running old technology, they’re bound to take longer to execute tasks. Unfortunately, old technology runs slower and takes more time to apply patches, updates, and other forms of maintenance.
  4. More vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit: Studies have shown that approximately 10,000 new malware threats are discovered every single hour. Old technology opens you up to vulnerabilities that cybercriminals already know how to exploit.

Running Outdated Technology Costs You a TON of Time and Money. Trust Us, It’s Worth Updating Your Environment to Avoid the Risk. Call (616) 776-0400 to Get Started.

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