Browser Updates for Microsoft - Micro Visions, Inc.As we mentioned back in January, Microsoft has been working on a new browser to replace Internet Explorer once Windows 10 is released later this year. The IE successor, codenamed Project Spartan, will be a lightweight browser that functions similar to Chrome. Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s CMO, spoke at Microsoft Convergence this week in Atlanta and confirmed the company indeed has plans to move away from the Internet Explorer brand.

Though IE will still exist on a small scale – mainly within Windows 10 Enterprise to ensure compatibility – the new browser will be the primary way Windows 10 users access the web, according to Capossela. He went on to say they are currently working to finalize the name of the new browser, which will most likely will have the Microsoft name attached to it.

This prompted thousands of social media users to offer their opinions on what that new name should be. From Phoenix to Vista, Microsoft Chrome Downloader to Microsoft Meh, the majority of these ideas were riddled with sarcasm poking fun at the negative image the browser has developed over the years.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is taking the rebranding very seriously. Sources close to the company say they are currently doing extensive market research, testing several options with consumer groups. The final choice is expected to be revealed at Ignite, Microsoft's next big conference slated to run in May.

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