Why have a technology strategyFollowing a solid technology strategy can make the difference between experiencing minimal downtime when a problem arises or being knocked out of commission indefinitely. A well-thought-out plan provides a direct path to your goals.

Needless to say, this is more involved than shopping at Best Buy for your business hardware. You need a plan that is flexible and resilient, allowing you to meet long-term technology goals while addressing short-term issues.

Even a simple plan creates clarity because you:

  • Map out how long it will take to implement it
  • Understand all the costs you will need to cover
  • Identify what technology you need to reach your goals
  • Clearly see how any changes will impact your business

What Does a Technology Strategy Look Like?

Your IT plan doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as a bulleted list outlining the goals your company wants to achieve and what future IT implementations it might need.

Here are some examples of company goals that would benefit from a technology strategy:

Goal: Improve customer communication and employee collaboration.

Technology plan: Install a new phone system within the next six months

Goal: Ensure employees are using current operating systems and secure laptops

Technology plan: Upgrade all employee laptops by the end of the year

Goal: Enable more staff to accomplish work remotely

Technology plan: Switch over to a new VPN network by the next quarter

It doesn’t need to be set in stone. Business owners can establish a consistent review period to keep the plan fluid and ensure it still aligns with company goals. We recommend completing this review every six months.

Benefits of Implementing a Technology Strategy

Employees Become More Productive

Missing critical upgrades for hardware and software is easy. As a result, your systems are slow or unreliable. Or you may install new software, but your employees lack proper training and spend time struggling to learn how to navigate the new system. Both scenarios increase downtime but can be avoided if you plan.

Having an IT strategy in place makes transitions smoother and reduces the chance of running into unexpected barriers that impact your business’s ability to function. Bonus – your employees may not end up throwing their laptops down in frustration as they run screaming from the building.

Your Business Won’t Depend on Unreliable Consumer-Grade Tech

Technology can be expensive. Some businesses find it tempting to purchase a laptop from Amazon to save on hardware costs.

But the long-term impact of that one purchase decision could be a significant security breach of your customers’ information. It also means your company will not have technical support from the vendor in the event you need it. Any savings will be wiped out and replaced with the additional cost of repairing the damage to your company.

Plus, imagine trying to explain your reasoning behind not investing in better hardware when your company’s name goes viral as the latest business failing to protect sensitive information. Those laptop savings won’t stack up against the cost to your reputation. You will lose market share as prospects become uncomfortable using your services knowing the shortcuts you were willing to take with their financial and personal information.

With even a rudimentary plan you align your technology to your overall business plan, needs and budget. It’s a chance to plan ahead for the right business-grade investments that provide big-picture benefits like a secure work environment. Don’t sacrifice future interests for your company just to gain short-term cost savings.

You’ll Worry Less About Technology

When creating your strategy, you can partner with a managed IT services provider. Along with advice about which systems offer the best opportunities, there may be other technology solutions you want to consider like hardware-as-a-service (HaaS).

When you take advantage of HaaS, your equipment is purchased and maintained by an IT provider. This includes upgrades and security checks to ensure you are not leaving yourself exposed to outside threats. You gain the opportunity to turn capital expenses into operational expenses since you no longer have to purchase hardware.

Micro Visions does more than install equipment. Our team guides you in creating the type of technology strategy that keeps your employees happy and allows you to stay competitive in the marketplace. For clients using our HaaS services, we make sure new employees have the training they need and remove equipment that is no longer necessary.

Are you ready to move forward in mapping out your future IT strategy? Contact Micro Visions for your technology planning needs by calling (616) 776-0400.