Has Your IT Services Provider Paved The Way For Construction Automation Technologies?

What should you know about automation and mobile technologies in the construction industry? If you’re short on time, Micro Visions can fill you in and keep you in the loop.

In the first installment of our blog series, we explored how technology can make your construction firm more productive. Those newer technologies give you a wider range of application use in the office and out on the job site.

From what you’ve learned so far, has your current Grand Rapids IT services provider helped you harness these new technologies? If not, sit tight. We’ve got more to explore. In part two of this series, we'll examine additional ways to improve your organization processes with automation and IT support.

How Automation and Quality IT Support Will Revolutionize Your Construction Firm's Daily Operations

Simplify Automation & Support Processes

When reviewing the overall scope of a project, you may find specific tasks are better served with automation technologies, especially when mitigating safety risks. In doing so, your crew members are directed to areas of the job site where their skills are needed most, simplifying a labor process.

When your team is using laptops, tablets, or smartphones in the field, they need instant and secure access to company files. Using quality, IT support to monitor your network around the clock limits trips back to the office. Accessing files while on the go simplifies and automates a technical process.

Connecting Job Sites

With connected job sites, you take full advantage of the Cloud’s robust infrastructure. That eliminates your need to visit a work site. Relying on daily reports brought in from your team is no longer needed.

  • Cloud computing allows you to connect and view job site information remotely, from a single data center, in real-time.
  • Depending on your firm’s location and the distance between job sites, the Cloud reduces travel time and eliminates mileage costs.
  • You can check on sites from the office, and your Foreman can access work files from anywhere at any time, boosting operational productivity.

Using the Cloud, everything may be uploaded with a smartphone to a shared and secure platform and repository for worksite data.

Enhancements To Cybersecurity

Construction industry security tools such as “next-generation” firewalls and antivirus software are getting some exciting updates with the use of artificial intelligence and automation. That makes each a more potent real-time defense mechanism protecting your data, especially out on the job site.

In the past, cybersecurity software was limited to operating as a manufacturer or IT manager preprogrammed it, but only against previously identified threats. Then the manufacturer would release updates based on newly identified risks. However, if a new threat emerged after the update, current protection was outdated, security was unavailable, and a breach was inevitable.

Next-generation cybersecurity software uses advanced AI algorithms. The algorithms can learn and adapt from the standard patterns associated with each user and device, quickly detecting anomalies in those patterns. These technologies use what we call a neural net. That means it will “learn” to spot patterns of data associated with previously identified and classified spear-phishing emails.

What Does This Mean for Your Firm and Your Grand Rapids IT Support?

As the construction industry continues to change, automated technologies are becoming a big part of the strategic workforce. Safety concerns are being addressed. Real-time work site information is at your fingertips. Accessing job site data from the Cloud is done anywhere and at any time from any authorized mobile device.

Cutting-edge technologies can open doors to new opportunities. That’s where a quality Grand Rapids IT services provider becomes part of your technical team.

Should your current IT services provider not have the resources to help you, Micro Visions is available to help harness new technologies in strategic and cost-effective ways.